24 NHS Hospitals Rewarded With Cash Bonus For Saving More Lives

24 NHS Hospitals Rewarded With Cash Bonus For Saving More LivesA recent news bit about Advancing Quality programme has been capturing the attention of one and all. It has been claimed that some 24 NHS hospitals in the north west have managed to save lives more than expected, thereby making them eligible for special incentives for their extended efforts.

Under the scheme, any hospital would be given bonus if 900 lives are being saved over a period of one year and six months. With hospitals doing their bit to get some benefit for putting up extra work, there would be some £4.8 million distributed among those who managed to qualify.

The results have been appreciated by a research team comprising universities of Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and Cambridge. However, there are many who find it unethical as hospitals have the utmost duty of saving lives in the first place, then why such incentives are given?

"While research has shown the US scheme had no effect on patient health, the same scheme in the NHS did and resulted in 890 lives being saved during over 18 months", said Matt Sutton, professor of health economics at Manchester.

It is believed by those managing the programme that extra bonus acts as a motivation for them to do things a lot better every single time they check a patient. Whatever the financial benefits are given they are used for the benefit for the hospital only.