Galaxy S-III Sales Ahead of iPhone: Report

Galaxy S-III Sales Ahead of iPhone: ReportAs per reports by market tracker Strategy Analytics, Samsung's Galaxy S III has registered higher sales than Apple's iPhone 4S in the third quarter of 2012.

Galaxy S-III's 18 million models were shipped across the planet, taking it ahead of Apple's iPhone whose 16.2 million models were shipped during the same course of time. It is being said that by the end of this year, S-III will rake in 30 million sales.

Analytics said Apple will again be leading over rivals in this quarter. That means Samsung's lead is short-lived, which will be overtaken by Apple soon.

S-III is gathering more of attention by the users as compared to Apple as of now. But iPhone 5 will surely take back the lost attention soon in the coming days.

Priced almost equally, what made the sales of S-III rise are possibly its slightly additional features as compared to Apple's invention. T-Mobile and U. S. Cellular are the technologies that are carried by S-III but not by iPhone 4S. Further, S-II supports 4G (LTE/HSPA+) while iPhone does not. In addition, S-III has a graphics accelerator which is absent in its Apple rival.

Undoubtedly, Samsung's Galaxy S-III is powered by Android and Apple's iPhone 4S by its iOS.