4 People blame Trinity Mirror for Phone Hacking

4 People blame Trinity Mirror for Phone HackingIt was a complete shock for Trinity Mirror, publisher of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record of Scotland, as well as for people when allegations of phone hacking were levied on the group.

There were a number of people, who had accused Trinity Mirror, and among them is ex- England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson. He alleged that Mirror journalists were illegally tapping his phone. However, when being asked from Mirror, they plainly refused to accept the allegations.

They asserted that they were innocent, and had asked blamers that they should show them details of their phone-hacking case. The group has asked that they have suffered a great loss, and their shares have also tumbled in the market.

It has been found that a 12% decline has been witnessed by Mirror group in terms of its advertising revenue.

Moreover, they cannot no more allow their image to get tarnished. So, they have demanded people, who have alleged phone-hacking attacks on them to come up with evidences.

Solicitor Mark Lewis, who has been representing a number of hacking victims, said four people for now have accused Mirror group of phone hacking. Trinity Mirror group said for now, no legal action has been taken.