Environment Secretary to Launch Action Plan to End Ash Dieback

Environment Secretary to Launch Action Plan to End Ash DiebackAsh dieback has been killing ash trees in Britain in a large number and has put the whole tree population at peril. Therefore, an action plan has been proposed to be launched soon, which aims at fighting the outbreak.

A recent report has revealed that kits like those for pregnancy tests would be used to detect the disease in trees this time. Since, some 115 sites across the nation have seen the trees affected by the infection, which is very similar to the Dutch elm disease, prevalent in the 1970s and 80s.

It has been told that the plan would not only focus on public awareness about chalaza fraxinea, the disease, but on practical measures to curb the spread of the disease as well as on research into it. A single disposable test kit is being tested by scientists with this purpose only.

As told, the process includes mixing of a tissue sample from a leaf with a solution. Following the same, the tester kit is dipped into the same and a blue bar means the result is positive.

The Dutch elm infection had destroyed millions of elm trees. And the Ash dieback is being feared to devastate more trees from now. It is thus that the action plan is being launched today by the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson.