Tata Hopes to See More Sales Gravity with Diesel Nano

Tata Hopes to See More Sales Gravity with Diesel NanoThough Nano has since its beginning failed to meet its sales target, it has seen reluctance by people to buy it for it has somehow earned the title "the poor man's car". The company Tata Motors has not dropped its hope for improving sales of Nano.

Various reasons have caused the car to see less number of sales since 2009. Sometimes, its shortage of parts and sometimes safety issues related to the car has caused problems for it in the way of meeting sales targets. Also, in 2010, a local rival had caused its production to slow down, which in turn caused the company to transfer its manufacturing plant site.

But, since vehicles powered by diesel have been seen on high sales over the past year, the company is expecting to see increase in the demand and sales of diesel Nano. The price of diesel is also less than gasoline, which has raised the company's hopes even more.

The diesel car's price is yet to be announced and its launch would probably be seen by 2013 end. Analyst Surjit Arora says, "The Nano's close competitor hasn't come out with a diesel variant, so the Nano will enjoy a dominant position if Maruti continues with only a gasoline model by next year".