Schizophrenia a neglected illness in England

Schizophrenia a neglected illness in EnglandSchizophrenia before it was diagnosed as an illness was treated as a mental condition with people suffering from this psychological condition being treated in the most unfitting manner.

But after its diagnosis things changed but it seems like England is still not treating Schizophrenia with the seriousness it deserves.

According to reports published by the Schizophrenia Commission in England, states that this is an abandoned illness with patients suffering from this illness being dumped in hospitals without offering them the needed treatment.

These patients are administered drugs and left on their own to watch TV without the hospitals giving any appropriate psychological treatment to help them cope with the illness.

It has been found that such patients are most likely to die a young death and given the stigma attached with the illness have a poor job prospects. Also with the drug treatment the side effects of the drug have an adverse effect on their health.

More than 220,000 people are affected by Schizophrenia in England alone. The cost to stay at a medical unit is also high and with the lack of funds and appropriate efforts taken by the government to administer proper treatments units for this illness, Schizophrenia has become a forgotten disease.