Researchers come up with a new device that tracks path of infection

Researchers come up with a new device that tracks path of infectionScientists have come up with a new device that helps tracking down the path of the infection or disease.

This in turn helps to know the path of transmission of the infection and can be ended.

In their efforts to achieve their goal a DNA sequencing was used to contain outbreak of an infectious disease at a hospital, making this the first time ever such an experiment has been done. Researchers at the Cambridge's Rosie Hospital halted the epidemic of MRSA superbug.

Making this complex process simpler the researchers will be working on developing this into a simpler system that doctors will be able to use in their daily routine even if they are not genetic experts. This would help medical practitioners to fight different types of infections and develop best ways to treat patients.

"What we're working towards is effectively a 'black box. ''It could, for example, determine the species of the bacterium; it could determine antibiotic susceptibility, and it could provide information about what genes are present that are often associated with poor outcomes in patients," said research team leader, Prof. Sharon Peacock of Cambridge University. He added that this device will give information about the relationship that one organism shares with another organism, giving us an insight into their capability of transmitting infection from one patient to another.