A bid to improve health care quality; Jeremy Hunt

A bid to improve health care quality; Jeremy HuntThe NHS has prioritized its activities for the coming future to improve health care quality given by medical professionals and nurses. Over the next two years this will be their main focus.

Jeremy Hunt, who is the health secretary, mentioned these in the mandate. He mentioned in relation to his mandate that it "removes the ability of ministers to performance manage the NHS from behind their desks in Whitehall."

Next year from April, patients who stay overnight in the hospital and those who attend A&E departments will be inquired if they would like their family and friends to be treated at the same hospital. By October next year this inquiry will be extended to all women patients who have been using maternity services at the hospital.

In the hospital report it was also mentioned that those hospitals scoring well on the inquiry of their friends and family test would be rewarded financially.

Which would be not only rewarding for the hospital receiving the monetary prize but also encourage other hospitals to strive and do better. He said, that as ministers, in the end they are the ones who are responsible for the structures that are set up by them.