Pregnant Women of Cold and Dark Countries Need to Take Vitamin D

Pregnant Women of Cold and Dark Countries Need to Take Vitamin DA new research has revealed the importance and need of Vitamin D supplements in pregnant women, especially those residing in darker and colder countries.

The research suggested that pregnant women in the countries which do not see sunlight for longer periods need to take additional vitamin D supplement if they want to avoid multiple sclerosis (MS) in their to-be-born children. It was found that vitamin D is linked to the disease closely. In MS, one observes its own immune system attacking the nerve fibers.

As per the data by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, of the 1,50,000 people born in places north of 52 degrees, those taking birth in April are at high risk of suffering the disease as compared to others.

The researchers have evidently proved that it linked directly with maternal exposure to sun which is not possible at those places in April. Therefore, they concluded that it was crucial for to-be mothers to include vitamin D supplements into their diets to avoid the MS in their babies.

"Because Vitamin D deficiency is a massive problem due to living at high latitudes and lifestyle changes, mothers may need to take Vitamin D3 to become Vitamin D replete", said Study Co-Author, Sreeram Ramagopalan from the Queen Mary University of London.