Minks Feel Boredom as Humans

Minks Feel Boredom as HumansA research was carried out on minks, through which it was found that minks respond to boredom in the same way as humans do. The research published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE was carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Guelph, Canada.

The study researchers said that mink spent most of their idle time both by sitting idle and lying down and by eating too much. In order to reach at the above given conclusion, the study researchers carried out an experiment, in which they assessed the habits of mink when they were idle.

To carry out the experiment, two groups of minks were taken. One group was kept in bare cages and the other group was also kept in cages, but they had a number of things to do like there were passageways, swimming pools and chewable toys.

Activities of both the groups were noticed and it was found that the group, which lived in bare cages did not do much and lay idle and ate a lot. However, on the other hand, mink living in cages having options to perform activities were able to keep themselves busy.

"We can't measure that type of subjective experience. But we can see that, when they have little to do, then just like many bored humans", said Dr. Rebecca Meagher.