All Eligible Albertans now to Take Up FluMist

All Eligible Albertans now to Take Up FluMistFluMist, a nasal spray vaccine against the influenza is now to be given to all Albertans that are eligible. Earlier, the vaccine was supposed to be used in children only.

The vaccine is now to be delivered to people beyond the age limit of two to 17 years after the uptake of vaccine was reported to be lower than the expectations. This was reported in news by Dr. James Talbot, Alberta's chief medical officer of health.

The move has come up as the vaccine has very short expiry date as compared to its injectable versions i. e. Agriflu and Fluviral. Officials said that they expected the high demand for vaccine under the program but something opposite happened.

Of a total 150,000 vaccine doses available of FluMist, only 38,000 doses were taken up. Therefore, the health experts are taking up a cause of making people aware of it and triggering them to go for vaccination.

Though it is being recommended for all Albertans, those who are at higher risk are being asked to get it at the earliest. High risk people are children of age between six to 23 months, senior citizens, pregnant women and people with unceasing diseases like serious obesity.

The government being economically in charge at the moment is asking to use up the vaccine rather than consider throwing it.