Researchers discovered Mutant Super-rat in Henley

Researchers discovered Mutant Super-rat in HenleyResearchers have discovered a plague of mutant `super-rats', whom they believe carry a poison-resistant gene. The so-called super rats have been found by the experts on farms and other properties around Henley, previously they were identified in parts of Berkshire and Hampshire.

Explaining about the super-rats, experts say that the population of brown rats looks same as their non-mutant counterparts and equally carry life-threatening diseases risks. But yes, the new ones are more resistant to typical pest controls or rat poisons than the older ones, credit of which researchers give to genetic mutation.

Explaining about the mutant super-rats, Dr. Alan Buckle, a research fellow at the University of Reading who carried out the study that found the rats in Henley, said: `Rats carry a vast range of diseases, including Weil's disease. These diseases are very harmful and potentially fatal to both humans and animals'.

He added that Weil's disease is a type of water-borne bacterial infection, which spreads through the urine of the infected rats (the one that killed Olympic rowing champion Mr. Andy Holmes in 2010).

The fact of prevalence of poison-resistant gene rats came to light with the new DNA techniques that were run by Dr. Buckle to bring out the related facts.