Check Out for Good Sunscreens!

SunscreensWeather conditions are deteriorating dramatically over the past few years and it has been analyzed that sunrays are becoming more harmful with every passing day.

Disturbance in nature by human activities itself has now allowed the 80% of sunrays to filter down to the earth. In such conditions, applying sunscreen only in the high summers will be real foolishness as the damage is considerably big in seasons other than summer too.

New Zealand and Queensland have the highest number of people with the sun-damaged skin and melanoma. And a per data collected in a survey, only 11% of New Zealand residents used sunscreen daily while the number of people reported with sun burns is three-forth of the total population.

The adversities have occurred as people are either not aware or are neglecting the effect of UV rays. UVA rays are responsible for the cell damage in the skin and cause ageing in the person while UVB rays are largely responsible for sun burns.

Prescription Skincare recommends the use of zinc-based sunscreens everyday for a better protection. Vitamin C and E are suggested good for the skin care. Some people believe that sunscreen present in their daily make up is enough but the idea is totally rejected by the Caci clinics who advice the people to use additional sunscreen with SPF30+.