Lupin Launches Generic Version of Abott’s TriCor

Lupin Launches Generic Version of Abott’s TriCorIndia's drug maker company has come up with generic version of anti-cholesterol drug Tricor that is marketed by Abott.

The new generic drug is launched in the US where Tricor mounts to $1.26 billion earnings every year. The Fenofibrate anti-cholesterol drug, which is the generic form of Tricor had received the approval from the US earlier. The approval was given by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration in December last year.

It will be marketed by subsidiary of Lupin i. e. Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and shall be available in capsules of 43mg and 130mg strength. Being generic drug the tablets will be affordable by one and all in the country.

"We are very happy to bring this product to market in the United States. Patients can be assured that they are receiving the same high quality product at a more affordable price", said the President of the Lupin group, Vinita Gupta.

Generic drug is the one that is comparable in its chemical composition and strength to the same kind of branded drug and is sold by it chemical name without any advertising.

On Tuesday, the firm saw 1.11% hike in its share values which took it to 568.15 rupees when no change was observed in the sensex. Lupin values a total of $4.46 billion.