Sex tops Again!

Sex tops Again!According to the researchers of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, sex is the answer that can outrank all the other joys of life. Yes, in a recent study, the team of experts from the university found that sex is not only the source to gain pleasure but it is also the reason that can bring happiness to adults along with appearing to be the most meaningful to them.

Researchers ran a survey recently upon several different subjects and contacted them at random hours of the day and that too three times in a day. They wanted to find out which activities actually fulfill people the best.

The procedure ran for over a week through the subject's cell phones and via text messages in which experts asked them about the activities they were involved in at the time and how they felt about the same depending upon four criterion i. e. the levels of pleasure they gained, how engaged they were, how much overall happiness they felt and then, how much meaning the activity had for them.

Experts got to know about thirty different types of activities from all the responses they got (including the 97 percent response that the subjects gave to the texts).

Results showed sex topped the list followed by other activities like drinking, being sick, washing, dressing or grooming etc.