Couple Gets Compensation After Losing Baby

Jane-HooksA recent report confirmed that a couple who had lost their baby son due to medical negligence from doctors of Doncaster Royal Infirmary has managed to get a five-figure sum in compensation. It was further explained how doctors could not manage to nail down the symptoms of meningitis in the baby boy and that too two times.

It was in the year 2007 that the boy succumbed to death, thereby exposing the unpardonable negligence from the doctors. Baby's mother Jane Hooks, of Hazel Avenue, Auckley, claimed that doctors simply neglected their genuine concerns, culminating to the critical condition.

"The treatment by staff at the hospital was nothing short of disgraceful and the doctors arrogantly waved away my fears my little boy was suffering from meningitis - not once, but twice", said the mother, who recalled that how her pleas were turned down repeatedly from a nurse there. Had they paid attention to her genuine fear, the baby would have survived.

While no amount of compensation can return the baby, court's decision has pinned down the culprits. It is expected that the trust learns from this gross mistake and such tragic episodes are not repeated.

Nonetheless, the trust besides expressing deep grief has sought apologies for the laxities administered in the case of baby.