Cycling – Powerful Remedy for Parkinson’s Patients: Study

Cycling – Powerful Remedy for Parkinson’s Patients: StudyA research group from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, Ohio, has been claiming following a recent study that cycling can improve the conditions of patients of Parkinson's disease. Much effective than the usual treatments, the therapy is low-cost as well, the team affirms.

The disease affects almost 120,000 Britons each year, causing different symptoms such as speech problems, tremors and a gradual slow down of the body. Michael J Fox, who got affected when he was only 30 in age, and Muhammad Ali are two high-profile patients of the disease.

Sometimes, patients experience balancing issues as well and can become wheelchair-bound. Therefore, exercising is being recommended, which has been discovered to be improving the connections between different brain regions, which are linked to Parkinson's. It has been told that not only co-ordination ability improved in patients, but their balance also got better.

Dr. Jay Alberts, who is a US neuroscientist, has realized the improvements in his own companion. He has told that as he pedaled faster, his partner also did the same. "A regular exercise routine can help those with the condition to not only improve their general fitness but can also help to improve movement and balance", said Parkinson's UK charity's director Dr. Kieran Breen.