More Calorie-Burning Means Sharper Brain, Says Study

More Calorie-Burning Means Sharper Brain, Says StudyResearchers have now been saying that burning off energy can help boost brain's health. Presented recently the Radiological Society of North America's annual meeting in Chicago, the research has pointed that physical activities are a must.

It is being said that while focusing on being active, one should at first concentrate on his or her brain. Not only, being active helps in remaining free of diabetes and high blood pressure, but chances of being obese or getting a heart ailment are also reduced with the same.

Cyrus Raji and colleagues from UCLA have told that the study was focused on finding how physical activity was related to gray matter while one ages. The cerebral cortex is the gray matter, which is known to process most of the information used by a person.

876 adults of ages 69-95 years were recruited by the team and it was found that the ones who were burning more calories had more gray matter by some 5%. Volume was measured using the brain's MRIs and 3-D pictures.

"If you want to maximize the effect on your brain, these physical activities are something people have to start engaging in earlier in life, in your 50s and 40s", Raji was quoted as affirming.