Donate Coats and Help the Poor!

Donate-CoatsWith winter round the corner, calls are being made for donating old coats to Banbury's Age UK shop. It is being done as part of charity's `Spread the Warmth' campaign in order to reach out to those aged people who face the wrath of winter under severe poverty.

It has been told that the Donate a Coat scheme allows people to donate their old coats to the store so that they can be sold for raising funds for the charity helping poor people.

"Donate a Coat is part of Age NI's Spread the Warmth campaign to help older people in Northern Ireland survive the challenges of winter. Loneliness, fuel poverty, isolation - these are the difficulties that many older people face during the colder, darker months", said Age NI's Anne O'Reilly. All those who would be donating their coats, would be able to get their name written on stars, placed in the shop window.

Moreover, knitters from Florence Longman House have even gone ahead knitting over 5,000 little woolly hats so that the needy section can be reached out in this harsh season.

It was in last winter, that over 8,000 coats were donated and subsequently resold in Age UK shops throughout the country, and there are expectations that there would be a lot more raised this time too.