Abu Dhabi flights temporarily suspended by AirAsia X

Air-AsiaX-LogoFrom February 21, the flights to Abu Dhabi would be suspended by AirAsia X for some time, in an effort to re-align its fleet to cover priority areas and not because of the speculation that it is pulling out due to stiff competition from Etihad Airways.

AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman-Rani said that it is not because of competition but because of the bid to prepare for other flights especially to India, that the flights are being suspended for a short while. But they will revert back to Abu Dhabi at a later date.

An approval to fly to five major destinations in India beginning April this year has been received by AirAsia and AirAsia X.

Azran explained, "We cannot be flying five times weekly to Abu Dhabi, we need more frequencies, better airplanes and capacity before we get back there."

In November, AirAsia X commenced flying to Abu Dhabi with load factors of over 65%, using its A340 aircraft.

The seats of the low-cost carrier's A330 are a bit uncomfortable and adding more flights or use the A330 does not sound wise for AirAsia X on that route, where passengers demand quality and comfort.

The airline has started a seat refurbishment exercise, under which it will fitting the planes with the new seats.

After the new seats have been fitted into its aircraft, AirAsia X will get back to Abu Dhabi.