Addicted to your Mobile Phone?

Addicted to your Mobile Phone?Mobile phones have been today added with so many new applications and things of interest like instant messaging that has left mobile phoning not less than any addiction for its users, which is somewhere contributing big in ruining one's relationship.

In context to same, researchers have also presented their views, in which they have clearly mentioned that constantly checking for messages is today almost an addiction like any other drug, which can ruin user's personal relationships too.

They concluded the above facts from a survey, which has revealed that averagely, an adult is today spending more than seven hours in a day, while interacting with communication technology and so they fear that this sort of behavior can spill over into a problem if not stopped timely.

They followed the facts that many surveyed people accepted that mobile phoning has today become a compulsion and one sometimes start feeling withdrawn without their phone whereas many other stated it extremely annoying to be around those, who are always on their mobile.

Regarding the situation, Dr. James Roberts, of Baylor's Hankamer School of Business, in Texas, said that "Mobile phones are a part of our consumer culture. They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol. They're also eroding our personal relationships".