Talking about Positives of Drug Use

Talking about Positives of Drug UseTalking at a public interaction, Stuart Taylor, a senior lecturer in criminal justice at Liverpool Moores University in England, commented about the positives of illegal drug use.

According to him, for the people who consumed drugs and are addicted to it, it is necessary to look into the facts that attract people to take them. He said drugs help better in socializing in their life. He added that no research has proved the positive outcomes of drug intake, however, there are some.

Drugs sometimes are more pleasurable and hence beneficial, especially for those undergoing stressful conditions in life. He also mentioned that he grew up in a society where alcohol and drug intake was prevalent and has seen the brighter side of the drug use that included breaking down of social boundaries that otherwise sometimes stop us to enjoy the extreme happiness.

He said the government was focusing only on the problematic drug use and was ignoring the positives of the same. People get pleasure from drugs, which means that it had some good impact on their lives, he added.

However, Ross Bell, the Executive Director of New Zealand Drug Foundation, said it was risky to discuss the positives of drugs so openly.