NZ treats Disabled People as Second-Class Citizens

NZ treats Disabled People as Second-Class CitizensNew Zealand's performance has been severely criticized for not doing something extraordinary for disabled people's rights. This has led experts to ask the health and education ministries as well as the Corrections Department to do something about the same before the report reaches to the United Nations.

The United Nations has asked representatives to present them respective report about the progress made with regard to initiatives taken for disabled people. The report is expected to be presented on the Disability Convention, which is said to take place in the last months of 2014.

The UN expects to see a number of progresses made in the country and its details should be mentioned in the report. Some of the many changes that are expected by the UN are to increase the number of seats in schools for disabled children.

In fact, a study was taken out by a group of researchers from the Donald Beasley Institute, which concluded that disabled people are not treated equally in New Zealand. The study researchers said they do not mind saying that disabled people are treated as second-class citizens.

"Our findings question not just the way that funding and services are provided but also highlight the many barriers to full social participation that exist in society today", said study researchers.