UAE emerges as a top investor choice

UAE emerges as a top investor choiceInvestors from the GCC have shown a great deal of interest in investing in the emerging UAE market. The official figures released by the Riyadh-based GCC Secretariat claimed that around 22000 investors from GCC countries have invested in UAE by the starting of year 2009.

The number of GCC shareholders in its listed firms has increased to 382,000, indicating the popularity of UAE among investors. The period witnessed around 27,567 licences for investments and other economic and commercial operations from investors in the UAE market in 2009. The figures are much more than 15,977 which were registered in 2008.

Kuwait emerged as second most popular destination in terms of investment opportunities as number of licenses increased to 2,870 in the country followed by 1,588 in Bahrain and to 494 in Saudi Arabia.

UAE has also been ranked at top position in terms of equity investment which has been surged to 382,741 at the start of 2009. Qatar attracted 230,502 equity investors from the other GCC countries by attaining second slot. Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait attracted 13804, 4169 and 214 investors respectively.