Extra Hour of Sleep May Cure High Blood Pressure: Study

Extra Hour of Sleep May Cure High Blood Pressure: StudyGoing to bed an hour early than set time can fight against high blood pressure, concluded a new study. The study, taken out by a group of researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston, said that an extra hour in bed can keep high blood pressure away.

The study published in the Journal of Sleep Research also said that the benefits can be witnessed in six weeks only. In order to reach at the above given conclusion, the researchers assessed 22 men and women.

These volunteers were having habit of either sleeping seven hours or less than the mentioned hours. Out of 22, 13 were asked to sleep one hour more and other nine people were said that they should stick to their normal routine.

Pattern was asked to be followed for six weeks and again, their blood pressure was checked. The reports of 13 showed that their blood pressure has reduced at a significant rate. Study researchers said that they can now say that extra sleep can counted as one of the effective remedies to reduce high blood pressure. It seems that body gets more time to deal with stress hormones.