Early Sex May Harm Relationship in Long-Run

Early Sex May Harm Relationship in Long-RunA study carried out recently by a team of researchers at Brigham Young University's School of Family Life has been asserting that one should not have intercourse on the very first date with his or her partner.

It is being warned that doing the same may affect your relationship in the long run. The study has showed that the ones who were together for one year and had sex in the initial few weeks only were less satisfied with their relationship and also were facing a communication gap.

Some 11,000 unmarried people, who were in serious or steady relationships, were recruited for the review. They all were asked to rate their relationship satisfaction levels, stability of their relationship as well as their communication with their partner.

It was found that stability levels were also low as compared to the couples who decided to wait longer and communicate and understand each other. The findings had nothing to do with race, education, religious attendance or number of sexual partners.

"These findings indicate the sexual outcomes of FWBRs and romantic relationships are quite distinct and provide evidence of the public health implications associated with both casual and committed sexual relationships", the researchers added.