North Somerset Primary Care Trust Cancels construction Plan of new Hospital

Dan-PoulterDecision of North Somerset Primary Care Trust about not building a new hospital in Clevedon has been criticized by North Somerset MP Liam Fox and Health Minister Dan Poulter.

The project was going to start its construction work in October, but later the trust said that they are not going to continue with the plane, as they have fallen short of funds. Terming the decision to be a shambles, the Liam Fox said in the House of Commons that it should not have happened.

The £15m project was due to get approved by NHS North Somerset, but the trust changed its mind. Poulter said the trust should not have cancelled the plans of constructing a new hospital. For them, it was an unacceptable decision.

However, on the other hand, the NHS North Somerset said that they will continue to take care of people living in the Clevedon area by providing them medical care. They affirmed that a new plan is under making, which will show how to provide services to people in Clevedon.

"It is clear that there has been a managerial shambles, so it is the management that should pay the price not the people of Clevedon and the surrounding area", said Fox.