Smartphone Application to act as Medical Lab also

Smartphone Application to act as Medical Lab alsoResearcher James Heathers from University's School of Psychology has created an application, which has capacity to turn smartphone into a portable laboratory. The application is made in such a way that it is able to record the heart rate.

Not only this, it is also able to examine if any change is being witnessed in heart rate. According to the University of Sydney they have used a technique to develop the application, which is generally used to keep a record of the heart rate among athletes.

Heathers said that he has looked some different aspects in developing the applications. His main point was emotional workout, like stress and happiness, as these are the reasons, which raises the heart rate of a person.

Experts said one of the best parts of the application is that it is portable. It does not require doctors to specially labs to assess a person's heart rate. "By providing people with a sensor and then using their smartphone to process the data we are no longer tied down to booking appointments in a university laboratory".

It has to be seen that whether or not the plan works out. If it works out then a number of hassles will get solved of people.