Doctors to Identify Broken Bones Deeply To Diagnose Dementia

DementiaWhile there is so much being talked about dementia, it has been claimed that a Southampton hospital has come out with a new drive which apparently would use Southampton hospital in order to deal with dementia cases.

It has been found that some 40% of all hip fractures in the UK were due to dementia, and that's what makes it all the more imperative that doctors do nail down the real cause of the broken bones.

It has been made clear that all the patients over 70 hospitalized for broken bones would be checked in Southampton General Hospital so that the real cause of the injury is nailed down. "About 40 per cent of people who have a hip fracture have got dementia or some form of cognitive dysfunction and, of them, a significant proportion are not diagnosed", said Dr Mark Baxter, co-leader of the initiative, who is of the strong view that there is a lot changed in case patients with such injuries are treated with utmost care so that root cause of the trouble is cured else they will return with the same problem again.

As of now, there are as much as 75,000 cases of hip fracture annually across the UK and patients of such diseases have an average age of 80. Doctors are of the strong belief that those who break their wrists might actually be showing early signs of dementia.