New Legal High in Talks

New Legal High in TalksThe latest concern of the officials in the country is a new synthetic drug called Crack that is being openly sold at several Auckland dairies now-a-days with a packaging that has only a picture of a glass pipe and no other specific information about the product but yes, it is mentioning a warning saying "Use at your own risk."

In context to same, Associate Health Minister Mr. Peter Dunne has said that the ministry will look at the new synthetic drug called Crack to make sure that it does not prove harmful to anybody in the region.

His first step in this regard is his plans of introducing a legislation change upon how New Zealand should regulate the party pills and all the other legal recreational drugs by the next year. He cleared that the packaging of such products is being considered at the first and he is expecting the Ministry of Health to look at the product at the earliest possible.

"I think it's nasty, I think it's pernicious and I think it's unacceptable", he said. Moreover, the new product has also been condemned as irresponsible by the Drug Foundation, illicit drug users and a pioneer of the legal high industry.