Andy Burnham Highlights NHS spending Cut

Andy-BurnhamLabour's Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP has been saying that Ministerial rhetoric and the reality within NHS is far different and the same is risking the arousal of a real confusion in the NHS, as per the revelations of a recent report.

It was Opposition Day when the MP made his speech and said that a challenging task is ahead of all. Since, worse scenarios are being seen in the NHS and on the other hand, Ministers at that Despatch Box are making boasts.

They are saying that "real-terms increases" have been given by them to the NHS. However, NHS is in huge distress and the same can be seen one and all across the nation. It is clear that cataract operations are so restricted and Walk-In Centres as well as A&E departments are closed.

Also, the hospitals are at the edge of being burst as jobs have also been reduced. It has been found that almost 7000 or more nursing jobs have been lost.

In this regard, a letter was also sent to the Secretary of State by the Chair of the UK Statistics Authority, which asked him to unfold the curtain over the Ministers' statements. "The Prime Minister has cut the NHS. Today, we invite the Secretary of State today to correct the Parliamentary record in person", Burnham said.