Free Milk in Primary Schools in New Zealand

Free Milk in Primary Schools in New ZealandA trial had been carried out by dairy giant Fonterra in Northland, following which it has been announced by the dairy that each and every primary school in New Zealand would be offering milk to children for free.

Health groups are of the opinion that the move would bring a change in a whole culture. They further say that the plan would also repeat the 1950's values when each and every child in the nation was given free milk and the government used to pay for the same.

The culture then introduced had ended in the year 1967 as it was considered too expensive. However, it is the Manurewa's Hillpark Primary School students, who have helped repeat the history now.

It is being said that the move is worth multi-million. "Milk in Schools" would be rolled out in every school so that a future pay day is seen. A total of 3,50,000 students would receive the same. However, there are few challenges in front.

"We do have some people for whom milk is a luxury and I think a lot of behaviour can be traced back to kids not having a full belly", Principal Gavin Beere was quoted as saying.