Sulforaphane Found to Treat Cancer

Sulforaphane Found to Treat CancerA recent research has claimed that a compound named sulforaphane, found in cruciferous vegetables, lowers the risk of cancer and can also treat it.

The researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine said that the compound is capable of treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is also known as cancer of white blood cells and features excess of the lymphoblasts.

The deadly disease is mostly found in children and of all the cases, 80% are curable. But there are some children who don't respond to the treatments and in those cases alternatives are required. In addition to children, the disease is found in old age people too.

The researchers extracted the compound from the vegetables and mixed it with cancer cells obtained from patients. Some healthy cells were also mixed with it. It was then found that the compound killed the cancer cells and healthy cells remained unaffected.

The study was then carried out on mice and in them also, it killed the cancer cells. "Sulforaphane is a natural product. However, what we used in this study is a concentrated purified form. So while eating cruciferous vegetables is good for you, it will not have the same effect as what we saw in this lab", said Daniel Lacorazza, an Assistant Professor of pathology and immunology.