UAE Labour Minister Backs reforms across the Sector

UAE Labour Minister Backs reforms across the SectorThe UAE's Minister of Labour, HE Saqr Ghobash has asked for the need to take steps for ensuring sustainable growth of the Gulf region besides widening the scope of employability for its nationals.

Presenting a paper at the 15th Annual Conference of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), the Minister added that serious issues such as current development pattern and nationalization of the GCC labour market demands more attention for posting healthy growth rate.

Mr. Ghobash, Chairman of the National Media Council, added, "The majority of those are unskilled labourers and the rate of recruitment exceeded growth rates of real national GDP, something which negatively affected the sustainability of growth as well as job opportunities for nationals of GCC countries."

The Minister said that the prevailing conditions of economic uncertainty and volatility has pushed the rate of recruiting expatriates up to 31% in the UAE and 17.8% in Bahrain. The unskilled workforce hired from other markets is even ready to do low-paid jobs but such jobs are not fit for the interests of GCC Nationals.