Watching Pornography can be Harmful for Memory

Watching Pornography can be Harmful for MemoryA group of researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen has discovered that watching pornography on the internet can be fun and enjoyable for many people. But, the same can result in the watcher's increased risk of developing short-term memory loss.

A total of 28 males of average age 26 years were involved in the review. The respondents were to see computerized images, may these be nonsexual or pornographic. Clean images contained people doing tasks such as laughing, carrying a weapon and playing sports.

Following the same, they got tested for their brain's part, which takes note of keeping information while using it for task completion that is critical for reasoning and understanding. It was found that when men looked at the porn pictures, they were more likely to answer incorrectly over a "yes" or "no" key.

The key was meant to see if the picture seen by them four slides earlier was same or different. The team noted that viewing pornographic pictures, the participants answered 67% time correctly. However, the rate was 80%, when they viewed clean pictures.

The team says that the findings would probably psychologists in comprehending why addicted people forget tasks like sleeping or job responsibilities or neglect relationships. "Sexual arousal and its impacts on cognitive processes might explain parts of these negative effects", said the report.