Eye Witnesses Need to Respond to Workplace Bullying

Eye Witnesses Need to Respond to Workplace BullyingThe latest issue of the British Medical Journal has published a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Hilsinki. The study says that workplace bullying not only affects victims, but the witnesses of the same also get adversely affected.

Though, the ones directly victimized by bullying at workplace make them liable for being prescribed antidepressants. It is being said that the ones who witness such incidents also are highly likely to be prescribed such medications.

The team warns that eye-witnesses also risk themselves at suffering health conditions by one and a half to two folds. They also tend to reflect medically confirmed mental problems. However, they should intervene when witnessing bullying.

It is being said that bystanders try to avoid speaking in between on behalf of the victims. They either fear retaliation or get threatened by workplace dynamics. But, they should interfere and there are multiple ways.

The ones witnessing bullying can express sympathy for the victim or seek adult help or even can stand up to the same. It is being suggested that companies should also plan proactive responses to such bullying acts and should follow the procedure whenever an incidence is reported.

"There are employee assistance programs and wellness programs available to people", said Dr. Nadine Kaslow from Emory University.