Binge-Drinking on Rise in the UK

Binge-DrinkingAccording to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol consumption is on rapid rise in the UK causing major health problems in the consumers.

As per the figures, 1,000 deaths in Wales occur from Alcohol consumption while 15% of patients admitted in the hospitals are the one suffering from alcoholic intoxication. It costs NHS between £69.9m and £73.3m annually.

In addition, around 30,000 hospital beds are occupied by the people affected from the alcohol consumption. WHO figures assert that alcohol consumption is now becoming a leading cause of premature deaths and disabilities across the world but the impact is more intense in developed countries.

The figures are absolutely shocking in wake of increased awareness about the risks of alcohol intake while NHS is continuing to near heavy burden of costs incurred over it.

It leads to 60 medical complications like cardiac disease, liver problems, diabetes, strokes and mental problems. Severe intoxication by alcohol and binge drinking can lead to muscular in-coordination, vision problems, convulsions, depression, respiratory problems, hypertension, stupor hypothermia and even coma in severe cases.

"We believe that action needs to be taken to address alcohol related harm but that would be best achieved through targeted policies which would genuinely help harmful and hazardous drinkers", said Mike Short, the Senior Vice-President at SABMiller.