She Weighed Just 382g When Born

IsabellaBorn with her twin sister Isabella, Maddalena was born at just 23 weeks of gestation which is quite early. At the time of birth she weighed just 382g.

The premature baby was put on scales as soon as she took birth, and doctors found her weight was 1lb and was quite good for a child to survive. Later they discovered that the weight comprised of a scissors that were left accidently on scales.

She was now weighed again to find her weighing as low as 382g. She was born to Kate and Renato Douse and is one of the smallest and probably lightest premature babies in the UK. After knowing her actual weight, doctors were unsure of whether to try to save her or no.

Usually, such low weight babies don't survive. But her parents say she was very special and she really was. One of the rare cases to survive after born premature and underweight, she was taken care at the Royal Sussex Hospital.

After receiving intensive care at the facility for six months, she is discharged and is now growing up into a healthy child. "She now weighs 5½lbs and is getting stronger by the day. She's our little miracle and we're so glad to have her home in time for Christmas", said her mother, Kate.