A Closer Look into Life-Shortening Dangers

A Closer Look into Life-Shortening DangersAll of us usually come across research reports revealing the long term consequences of dangers that account for decreasing the life expectancy. But a recent research would give you a closer and broader view of the same.

Carried out by David Spiegelhalter, a British Statistician, the research revealed the effect of our daily habits on life expectancy. For the purpose, he divided life into smaller unit called microlife which accounts for 30 minutes of life expectancy.

He then analyzed how much effect does one day of bad habits put on total life expectancy. And the results were alarming. Here are the briefed results that came out of the intensive research carried out by him.

Smoking heavily for a day i. e. consuming as much as 15-24 cigarettes daily decreases your life by five hours while drinking alcohol decreases your life by 30 minutes for first drink and 15 minutes for every drink that follows. Inactivity in body can be far too dangerous that you have even thought.

Sitting continuously for two hours daily shortens your life by 30 minutes. That means, on average, people spending their days totally in front of PCs lose at least 1.5 hours of life daily. In addition, eating red meat decreases life expectancy by 30 minutes per three ounces of it.