Change in Lifestyle Can Help You Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Change in Lifestyle Can Help You Fight Type 2 DiabetesA recent research has revealed that to take control over type 2 diabetes, the most widely prevailing form of diabetes, it is necessary to keep your lifestyle on the track.

Complete recovery from the disease was reported to be achieved by about two percent of the sufferers who opted for healthy lifestyle and maintained it that way. However, it is said that it is equally important to keep your lifestyle good even after recovery or the diabetes will return.

Apart from improving your diabetic state, the change in lifestyle could help in improving overall fitness level giving a push to dangers like high blood pressure and obesity. According to Edward Gregg, the Chief of the epidemiology and statistics branch in the division of diabetes translation at the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who led the study, healthy lifestyle includes a good diet and sufficient physical activity.

He, further, said that it's quite difficult to make a complete recovery from type 2 diabetes but the study showed that it was not impossible. "These findings are encouraging given the belief that once you have type 2 diabetes, unless you have obesity surgery, you can't change diabetes if you've had it for a while", he added.

The study was published in December 19 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.