Cancer Research UK Gives Good Reasons to Give up Drinking

Cancer-Research-UKIn a recent research by Cancer Research UK, it has made an attempt to clear all the misconceptions in people's minds regarding booze intake.

Some 33% of the men thought that they become sexually attractive after being drunk but the recent study suggests that women said that it was their misconception. Only 13% of women found their partners attractive after drinking while rest of them didn't feel so.

Of all the women who were asked, 42% said they hated it when their partners are drunk. A 405 of men said they were good at dancing after drinking; however, 37% of women denied the fact saying that alcohol did no good to help them get better on the dance floor.

Against the common belief that men talked more attractively after being drunk, about 28% of men said that they always regretted making calls or texting while they were drunk. The survey was conducted under a new fund raiser, Dryathlon.

Under this move, the people are expected to raise money while being away from the booze intake in January. The experts said that giving up alcohol may help the addicts to improve their relationships and sex lives.

However, staying away from alcohol for a month only won't do much good to your health. Giving up the habit permanently is necessary.