IQ Alone Cannot Judge Variations in Performance, Says Study

IQ Alone Cannot Judge Variations in Performance, Says StudyWestern's Brain and Mind Institute's Adrian M. Owen and Adam Hampshire had recently conducted a study in association with Science Museum Group's Roger Highfield from London. The same has revealed that a singular or standardized test cannot measure one's intelligence quotient or IQ.

The study involved more than 100,000 participants and all of them were asked to complete a total of 12 cognitive tests that could test their memory, attention, reasoning and planning abilities. An online study was used, which also surveyed about their lifestyle and background habits.

An online study is the one, which is open to anyone and everyone in the world, the report finds in the meanwhile. The study has led the team to conclude that performance can never be elucidated with one component or IQ.

It has been found that in case of exploration of a number of cognitive abilities, the observed variations in performance need explanations with minimum three distinct components, including reasoning, short-term memory and a verbal component.

The findings also revealed that other factors such as gender, age and one's tendency to play computer games also has a great impact on the brain function. "Regular brain training didn't help people's cognitive performance at all", said the Canada Excellence Research Chair Owen.