Aerobic Exercises Best to Lose Weight, Claims Study

Aerobic Exercises Best to Lose Weight, Claims StudyAccording to a recent study, for all those who want to shed their weight, aerobic exercises are the best deal. Aerobic exercises involve exercises like walking, running, jogging and swimming which induces sweat in the performers. These exercises have always helped shedding their extra weight and have desired weight.

The study involved a total of 234 obese people who were divided in to three groups. One group was subjected to weight lifting; the second group was made to do aerobic exercises, while the third was given combination of both.

They were supervised by the professionals. First group had to do three sets of weight lifting for three days in a week with eight to 12 repetitions in each set. One of aerobic exercises asked to run 12 miles every week while third group had to fulfill both requirements.

It was then found that those undergoing aerobic exercises worked for about 133 minutes on average every weak and lost significant weight. The second group performing weight lifting worked for 180 mutes per week but didn't lose some good weight.

The group performing combination had mixed result. They didn't lose much of the weight but got their waist circumference decreased considerably. Therefore, it was concluded that aerobic exercises are best at letting shed weight.