Norovirus Cases Raise Fear Among Medics

NorovirusNorovirus, the contagious sickness winter vomiting bug, has again been attacking people in Southampton, which has health experts and medics concerned. It is, therefore, as per a new report that they have been asking all and sundry to be alert and brings only reasons to celebrate Christmas and not bugs raising fears.

Norovirus patients are already in at hospitals and therefore, walk-in centres and GP surgeries have been given a Christmas break. It is being requested to all to maintain a distance from the wards as there are high chances that accident and emergency wards get filled by patients and the cases of the contagious virus multiply.

It has been told that the number of cases is already high and almost double as compared to the number recorded last year by mid-December. Also, the count of laboratory confirmed cases has been noted at 83% high than before.

England and Wales medics have been warning that each and every reported case further has the possibility to result in 288 unreported sufferers. "That makes it more important for members of the public affected by or in contact with people who have suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting to avoid visiting hospital", affirmed consultant microbiologist Dr. Graeme Jones.