35 Kilogram Ovarian Cyst Removed From a Timaru Woman

WomanAs per recent news from New Zealand, a 35 kilogram cyst has been surgically removed from stomach of a Timaru woman.

The woman complained of extensive stomach pains and when last week she was checked it was found that she was carrying a 35 kg cyst in her ovary. The woman or the doctors had no idea of the growth before it was diagnosed actually.

Earlier, the woman thought that she is simply putting on more weight due to overeating and but when the real cause was discovered she was shocked. Last week the woman got the gist of her overweight when doctors brought the fact out.

The massive cyst was then surgically removed by the doctors. As reported by Fairfax, Albert Makary, the Gynecologist who dealt the case said that it apparently weighed equivalent to 10 babies. The largest cyst till date in the world was recorded to be of 50 kg.

"I had put weight on but I didn't have any suspicions; I thought it was just me overeating. There's been no clues of me being sick, it feels really good now", the woman said after the surgery. This woman, Sharon Watts, was admitted to Timaru hospital on Thursday and operated to get the cyst out.