Abu Dhabi acquires 15% stake in Gatwick

Abu Dhabi acquires 15% stake in GatwickThe Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), one of the largest sovereign investment funds of the World, has announced to acquire 15 per cent stakes for £100 million in the Gatwick, the second largest airport in UK.

It is worth noting that the new owner of the airport had announced to bring additional investors in the airport by retaining the management control of the airport. The South Korean National Pension Service, it is recalled, has already acquired 12 per cent stake in Gatwick for £100 million.

The fund also owns the London City Airport and is looking for more opportunities across the segment. Earlier, it had missed the chance to acquire the airport when the airport regulator BBA put it up on sale, according to the news published in the online edition of the Time.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) has declined to comment on the matter. GIP is a Credit Suisse sponsored $5.64 billion infrastructure fund which had acquired Gatwick last year for 1.5 billion pounds.