Study Reveals MRI-ultrasound Fusion Technology Better at Prostate Cancer Detection

Study Reveals MRI-ultrasound Fusion Technology Better at Prostate Cancer DetectionThanks to the modernization and the new technology that has been developed by the UCLA scientists recently, and is being hoped by experts to improve the prostate cancer detection.

The news is talking about the new imaging device developed by UCLA scientists, which health professionals are expecting to help them in more accurately diagnosing prostate cancer.

The details about the device were disclosed in the study that was recently published by the Journal of Urology. It explained that the limitations of traditional two-dimensional ultrasound earlier did not allowed doctors with accurate results and they used to take the systematic biopsies from the entire prostate randomly, which led to delayed diagnoses.

But now the researchers from the UCLA urology, radiology, pathology and biomedical engineering departments have all teamed up together to work with the medical device company Eigen Inc., results of which have developed a new device that combines magnetic resonance imaging with three-dimensional ultrasound.

According to the statements of the experts, with the help of the new technology, doctors can more efficiently obtain biopsies from targeted and suspicious lesions in the organ thereby helping them in detecting and diagnosing the deadly cancer with greater accuracy and better speed than earlier.