Suggestions to Improve Food Safety Rules

Suggestions to Improve Food Safety RulesA huge recall of products was seen recently amid an outbreak of E. coli and to ensure that the same does not recur, Veteran cattleman George Graham has come up with a solution, a new report has unveiled.

He has been suggesting that there is only the need to be more cautious while getting the job done. Since, good product is available and an excellent food safety program is also in function, which is better than the ones in other areas of the world.

The only thing then needed is officials regulating the work do their work properly, he believes. Graham is from southern Alberta and his family is engaged in cattle-raising since the year 1918.

As per the findings, the fan was hit by the manure early in the month of September. Food inspectors in the US had investigated beef shipped from the XL Foods plant based in Brooks, Alta. It was then that the nation's border was closed to beef from the plant.

18 people had been found fallen sick with some 2,200 workers sent home and the plant shut down. Over 2,000 products were also recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. `Food safety rules just have to get better at the proactive end of things, a lot better', said University of Manitoba professor Rick Holley.