Fujitsu to release its Raku Raku F12-D smartphone in US and Europe

Fujitsu to release its Raku Raku F12-D smartphone in US and EuropeIn a recent announcement, Japan's largest IT services firm Fujitsu has revealed that its Raku Raku F12-D smartphone - which has been designed to cater to the needs of senior citizens - will soon be launched in the US and Europe markets.

With Raku Raku meaning "easy" or "comfortable" in Japanese, Fujitsu's Raku Raku F12-D handset will primarily feature bigger images and typefaces, so that the elderly users do not have to squint at the devices.

In addition, the Raku Raku smartphone will also keep the elderly from straining too hard to hear a caller properly; thanks to the device's increased volume and noise-cancellation in voice calls.

Since the Raku Raku F12-D smartphone - released in Japan last summer - will be the first Fujitsu handset to be sold outside of the company's home country, the US and European versions of the handset will feature some modifications which are still to be officially disclosed, as are the cost of device and its date of availability.

Meanwhile, so far as the Japanese version of the Raku Raku smartphone is concerned, the handset features a 4-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels; a 1.4GHz processor; and a modified Android 4.0 `Ice Cream Sandwich' OS.

About Fujitsu's decision to launch the Raku Raku F12-D in US and Europe, the company's president Masami Yamamoto said: "As the Japanese market has already hit a peak, we have to sell devices overseas to increase our sales numbers."