New Board Members Have More Financial Interests in Private Healthcare Providers

New Board Members Have More Financial Interests in Private Healthcare ProvidersIf recently revealed figures are to be believed, count of people who are in charge of selling NHS services has a big portion of the ones who are financially linked to the private healthcare firms (the count is approx one in five men responsible for same).

Yes, according to figures, 23% of the executives who form the NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are either directors or owners or shareholders in private healthcare providers or have a family member with a similar interest.

The main issue lying here is the rising concern of the board members who have plans to start allocating contracts next year and following the above facts, chances have become higher that they could face a terrible conflict of interest.

As far as the new Government plans are concerned, the job of commissioning healthcare services has been decided to be transferred from Primary Care Trusts to regional health boards in April, a decision that will give regional heath boards a control of £100billion budget.

But worries are actually about the background of the ones, who are set to take control of the coffers, expose the medical journal Pulse, which after examining the register of interests of 864 CCG board members found 194 of them to be having financial interests in private healthcare providers.